Well Worth The Wait

Well Worth The Wait

I hate these good-byes, it's the hardest part to do
It never seems to get easier  to say good-bye to you

There's a pain in my chest that never goes away
until you can be back in my arms again to stay

The days go by slowly, the weeks seem like years
I can't seem to sleep well, too many tears

I try to fill my time so I won't miss you all day
but that never  works, your memory never goes away

All I can think about is hugging you so tight
And never letting go, no matter day or night

And soon I'll get to do that, and probably won't let go
until I know for sure that I have let you know...

That all the time and distance that separated us before
was well worth the wait, because it made me love you so much

In 46 more days, my dreams will finally come true
and I'll hug you and kiss you and squeeze you, and tell you,
"I love you"

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