6 Months

By Nikki

Month One

You just left, My world was crushed, Time is so slow. I cry myself to sleep
every night. Its too hard to sleep in bed, Its just too big for one,. So i set
up camp on the couch instead. As I slowly drift to sleep, I wipe away a tear
from my eye. I miss you already.

Month Two

By now time is starting to pick up, but still too slow. Its still too hard to
sleep in the bed. I feel so alone, no one here to comfort me when i cry.

Month Three

Half way there. Miss you more than ever. I cried when i seen your face on the
half way video. Still sleeping on the couch (back is starting to hurt) Wish you
where home, time is fast now, you will be home soon.

Month Four

This is going by faster, Its getting easier too sleep in the bed still very
lonely. I miss you so much. I never thought i would make it this far, the phone
calls are scarce, but I can do it only 2 more months.

Month Five

Oh my, almost there. I sleep in the bed almost every night, I still miss you
more than ever. Again i never thought i would make it to month 5, next month
you will be in my arms, time is slow again, not because you left but because of
excitement to see you again.

Month Six

Homecomeing is here, You are now safe, no more missing you and sleepless
nights, never thought today would come, its been so long.


contributed by Nikki [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.