6 Long Months

The time has come,
we've said our final goodbyes,
6 long months of teary eyes.
We've made it this far,
through rocky roads and plateaus.
So deep down inside,
I know it will all be alright.
But as I am writing this to you,
I can't help but to cry.
I never thought it would come so soon.
The fact you'd be leaving us,
for 6 months on the USS Dubuque.
But I couldn't ask for more,
than the time I've spent with you.
These are the moments,
I'll remember and treasure forever.
The times where we had to be strong and true,
now my heart is so lonely,
every second seems so long.
But when somebody loves me,
the way you do,
there's nothing I can't do.
Just the way you love me,
makes it easier to get through.
Amaree will grow,
but she will also know,
daddy hasn't left us forever,
he's only gone away on float.
And in your return,
we will be there with love and open arms.
It hurts so much I am sure you know.
Why, is the question,
do they make you go?
Without much cantact,
we have to cope,
with letters and maybe a phone.
But you are on your way to explore the world.
Who would've thought you'd get this far.
Your wife and daughter,
back home on the couch.
And off you go, to Hawaii, Australia,
and everywhere else.
Now it's so hard to say good-bye,
for the umteenthh time.
But I am proud of what you are,
and of what you've become.
You are all a person could ask for,
and even more,
a perfect daddy, and loving husband.
So why your floating around the world,
keep us in your heart,
and always remember,
when your thinking of us
were thinking of you too.
And never forget how strong our love is,
and everything we've overcome.
We Love You!
And we'll see you in 6 months!!

Dedicated to my husband Omar Armendariz

I Love You

contributed by Armendariz [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.