Surviving Boot Camp

Surviving Boot Camp

I will never forget how I felt that day,
I watched you wave and walk away.
Before you left, you hugged me tight,
You kissed me and told me it would be alright.
I worried, I waited, and finally a call,
It was three in the morning after all.
You were safe, but tired and you couldn't talk long,
You told me you loved me, and whispered our song.
That was the last I heard from you for three long months,
You were at Parris Island with the rest of your fellow grunts.
I wrote you often and you did the same,
I longed to hear you call my name.
You wrote about the training, the guns and the strain,
And how you had to crawl through 5 inches of rain.
I heard about your friends, your DI's and more,
The 15 mile hike and how your feet were sore.
You missed me more than anything, you hoped that all was well,
I assured you I was fine, and had lots of tales to tell.
You told me how you changed, and you thought that I'd agree,
That the new you was more mature and more in love with me.
I missed your charm, your loving arms, your soft and gentle kiss,
I missed the way you looked at me and said "I'm sorry, Riss",
I knew when you came back, we'd have so much stuff to do,
We had to catch up on life and visit family too.
I got to school and couldn't think, only one month left to wait,
On October sixth I'd be down there to see you graduate.
The day finally came and I boarded the plane with nerves very unsteady,
I couldn't wait to step on the base and run to my baby, Eddie.
The moment I saw you I knew what to do,
We hugged and kissed and I said "I love you",
No moment was greater than that in my life,
Except the time you asked if I'd be your wife.
We sat together on the plane and chatted up a storm,
You held me tight and made sure I was warm.
It was at that moment when I realized it was true,
I knew who I loved, and that person was you.
You were a genuine US Marine,
One of the finest I'd ever seen.
Although its not easy, this path I did choose,
As long as you're with me, I know I won't lose.
Here I will sit while you travel the world,
I'll wait for you patiently, after all, I am your girl.
When your time with the Corps is finally through,
Here I will be still waiting for you.....

I love you Eddie, and I always will
Love, Marissa 10/15/00

contributed by Marissa [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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