1am Sunrise

The phone rang unexpectedly
I jumped up to catch it
 The phone rang unexpectedly
I jumped up to catch it
Knew it wouldn't ring past three
E-mail takes too long
No internet access allowed
You couldn't stand the wait

I felt your voice wash over me
A ray of gentle warmth
You wanted answers to our game
What needed to be nibbled
A streak of sunfire touching cheeks
I tried to change topics
Yet the sun won't allow it
Then laughter brushes my ear
Euphoria and energy fill me
I am naked to the sun
My thoughts unhidden
Nothing you won't pull or tease
>From my soft moonlit lips

Four hours laughter is ours
Your voice telling stories
Ask if I'm still there
Just listening peacefully
Bathing in your summer warmth
Forgetting the night's chill
I will even in my angriest
Always be there

Not even the moon can turn her back
From the warmth of the sun

by Heart of Silver