"I didn't guess. . "

I wrote this for my fiance' Taylor who was deployed for Iraq
on Dec 18th,  2003 and won't be home untill 2005. I miss you more
than you know! I love you baby! ~ Kristen

"I didn't guess. . "

I'm going to love you forever
For the rest of my life
Till death do us part
I'll be your wife
Since I was a little girl
I've been dreaming of you
Your love, Your touch
Every little thing you would do
There is one thing that I didn't guess
That you would be an Army Man
Leaving me to go fight in a war
Now I'm alone on our home land
I wae each day for a chance
I'll answer the phone and hear your voice
It's a call that usually doesn't come
Because in all of this we don't have a choice
I can't wait until the day
When we say I do
I'll walk down the aisle
And start my life with you
Everyday you're gone
I'm here waiting for the day
When I am with you again
Oh, what a beautiful day
There's so many things
I wish I could say
Like how I miss you more
Than you'd ever know
And I love you so much
You're so far away I hope it still shows
I'm so proud of you
For fighting for me
You're my hero
Protecting the family we will be
If there's one thing
I hoe you never forget
It's that I'm still loving you
Like I've been since the day we met


Kristen Carlson