Still Time to get Holiday Letters to Marines on the Frontlines with MotoMail

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But with MotoMail, family members can get letters in the hands of war-zone Marines in less than 24 hours.

MotoMail is the official hybrid mail service provided by the United States Marine Corps that allows families and Marines on forward operating bases to correspond in a timely manner-especially when e-mail access is unavailable.

It's part digital. Families register on Then, they create and send a message online. It's part regular mail. The digital letter is downloaded at designated USMC post offices in Afghanistan and Iraq, where it's printed, folded and sealed by a machine. That "real" letter is then delivered to mail call at forward operating bases.

The benefits include:
·         It's faster than traditional mail. Marines usually receive MotoMail letters within 24 hours. Some Marines have even received their letters within hours.

·         It's free and limitless. Husbands, wives, children, parents and friends can send as many MotoMail letters to their Marine as they want-without any costs.

·         It's safe and secure. The machine does all the printing, folding and sealing, so privacy is maintained.

·         Unlike e-mail, soldiers have a "real" letter to carry around and read.

War Zones and the Web: Many families expect to stay in contact with their soldier on the frontlines through e-mail, but the reality is that Internet access is not always available in the remote and war-torn areas of Afghanistan and Iraq. MotoMail is a fast and secure alternative.

For more information, call customer care at 1-877-507-9673 ext: 702 or visit