Loss / Damage

Allowance Loss/Damage



Air Conditioners $1,500 per item
Antiques (does not include furniture) $1,000 per item
$5,000 per claim
Appliances, (gas or electric) $1,500 per item
Automobiles and all motor vehicles including motorcycles during shipment
(does not include mobile homes)
$20,000 per vehicle
Automobile paint jobs (complete)
(cost of /loss/damage plus point job will not exceed the $20,000 maximum allowable allowance)
$1,500 per vehicle
Automobile radios, tape players and accessories $500 per claim
Bicycles $750 per item
Binoculars $350 per item
$1,500 per claim
Boats $15,000 per claim
during shipment
Boating equipment and supplies $500 per claim
Books $3,000 per claim
Camping equipment and supplies $2,500 per claim
Candles $50 per item
$300 per claim
Ceramic animals (floor type, such as large elephants, etc.) $250 per item
$750 per claim
Chandeliers $750 per item
Chess sets, etc. $500 per claim
China (fine) $3,000 per claim
Clocks (other than grandfather or grandmother) $750 per item
Clocks, (grandfather/grandmother) $1,500 per item
All Clocks $3,000 per claim
   Age 15 and over $3,500 per person
per claim
   Age infant through 1 $1,500 per person
per claim
*Collections and hobbies (coins, stamps, electric trains, bottles, etc.) $4,000 per claim
Compact discs $1,500 per claim
Computers and all accessory equipment $4,000 per claim
Crystal $3,000 per claim
Dental equipment and instruments $1,500 per claim
Desk and writing equipment $100 per claim
Drafting, mapping and sketching equipment $500 per claim
Electrical and gas appliances $1,500 per item
Firearms $2,000 per claim
Food (nonperishable) $200 per claim
Furniture (in general) $2,000 per item
Sectional sofas, dining table and chair sets, or German Schranks $4,000 per claim
Furs $1,500 per item
$3,000 per claim
Jewelry $750 per item
$2,500 per claim
Lamps $250 per item
Linens (fine) $400 per item
$2,000 per claim
Medical equipment and instruments $1,500 per claim
Memorabilia (includes picture albums, souvenirs, emblems, plaques, trophies, movie films and photographic slides) $1,000 per claim
Microscopes, telescopes $500 per item
$1,500 per claim
Musical instruments
   Piano, organ or player pianos, harp $5,000 per claim
   Other musical instruments $1,500 per claim
Objects of art $750 per item
$2,000 per claim
Outdoor structures (includes swing sets and storage sheds) $500 per claim
Paintings and pictures $750 per item
$2,000 per claim
Phonographic records $1,500 per claim
Photographic equipment $2,000 per claim
Pool tables $1,500 per item
Professional equipment $1,500 per claim
Room dividers, folding screens, etc. $500 per item
$1,000 per claim
Rugs $2,000 per item
$4,000 per claim
   Sterling silver and fine pewter $5,000 per claim
   Silverplate or other metal ware $2,000 per claim
Satellite dishes $2,500 per claim
Spas/hot tubs $2,500 per claim
Sporting equipment and supplies $2,500 per claim
Stereo 'items and all accessories $1,000 per item
$3,500 per claim
Tapes, blank and commercially recorded
   Audio $1,500 per claim
   Video $1,500 per claim
Taxidermy items $500 per claim
Television sets $1,500 per item
Projection TVs $2,500 per item
Tools, manual
   In household goods or hold baggage $1,250 per claim
Tools, power
   In household goods or hold baggage $1,250 per claim
Tool chests or boxes, in household goods or hold baggage $500 per claim
Emergency tools and tool boxes Shipped in a vehicle $200 per claim
Toys $1,000 per claim
Typewriters $750 per item
Video recorders, video cameras and accessory equipment $1,000 per item
$2,500 per claim
Watches $500 per item
Waterbeds (includes frame) $2,000 per item
Wedding albums $500 per claim
Wedding gowns $1,000 per claim
Wigs (includes hairpieces) $500 per claim

* Army will not pay claims for coins or money.

NOTE: This list is subject to change. For current allowances, contact your local claims office. You are urged to consult the claims officer if you have any questions regarding property that does not appear on the above list or that seems to hove monetary value higher than maximums listed.

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