Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence


Family Advocacy
The Navy developed the Family Advocacy Program, a. formal service-wide management of family support programs to help improve the quality of life for Navy families. The objective of the program is to prevent family maltreatment through information and education, to deter illegal actions by the knowledge that administrative and disciplinary action may be taken against perpetrators, to provide for treatment of victims of maltreatment, to identify, support and treat at-risk families, and to assist servicemembers who have the potential for further military service.

Assistance in this area with child or spouse abuse issues, (including sexual abuse) can be obtained from the local Family Service Center or Military Treatment Facility. These agencies provide counseling services and referrals to civilian assistance agencies.

Protective Orders
In order to assist dependent spouses in obtaining civilian protective orders, commanding officers have the authority to issue

72 hour protective orders, which remove the serviceinember from the home. This can occur regardless of whether the servicemember resides in government or off-base civilian housing. In either case, the servicemember is prohibited from contacting the spouse and/ or child(ren), or from entering the home. This should allow a dependent spouse sufficient time to obtain a civilian restraining order through the local courts, if warranted. If the military protective order is issued for a government residence it may also be issued at the discretion of the installation's commanding officer.

(NOTE from BJ 'n Cindy: This was designed by and for the US Naval Service, but the information should be similar for all services. The information while deemed reliable should not be the substitute for consultation with an attorney (either civilian or military), or any other federal or state agency which may be chartered with providing assistance.)

The material in this handbook is current as of September 1993. Prepared by LCDR D. L. KARR, JAGG, USN, Naval Legal Service Office, Puget Sound.