Unmarried former spouse
- A former spouse who remarried after the death of the servicemember and whose subsequent marriage was terminated by either death or divorce. This reestablishes the dependent's eligibility for commissary, theater and exchange privileges.

Unremarried former spouse - A former spouse of a member or former member who was married to the servicemember for a minimum of 20 years and whose servicemember sponsor performed 20 years of service creditable in determining the sponsor servicemember's eligibility for either retired or retainer pay.

(NOTE from BJ 'n Cindy: This was designed by and for the US Naval Service, but the information should be similar for all services. The information while deemed reliable should not be the substitute for consultation with an attorney (either civilian or military), or any other federal or state agency which may be chartered with providing assistance.)

The material in this handbook is current as of September 1993. Prepared by LCDR D. L. KARR, JAGG, USN, Naval Legal Service Office, Puget Sound.