P.L. 98-525
DODINST 1000.13

Commissary and exchange privileges for former spouses cease upon termination of the marriage. The exception to this is a "20-20-20" spouse (see "Former Spouses" section for definition.) A dependent child retains his or her entitlement to commissary benefits if he or she is a member of a household maintained by or for an authorized servicemember for over 50 percent of his c: he: benefits. In the case of. a divorce, a child residing in the household of a former spouse who is not authorized commissary privileges is not considered to be 'a member of the authorized servicemember's household for purposes of commissary privileges, even if the servicemember Is providing for or maintaining the household. A child .who is dependent on an authorized servicemember for over 50 percent .of his or her support Is entitled to theater and exchange privileges.

(NOTE from BJ 'n Cindy: This was designed by and for the US Naval Service, but the information should be similar for all services. The information while deemed reliable should not be the substitute for consultation with an attorney (either civilian or military), or any other federal or state agency which may be chartered with providing assistance.)

The material in this handbook is current as of September 1993. Prepared by LCDR D. L. KARR, JAGG, USN, Naval Legal Service Office, Puget Sound.

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