Ideas - Valentine

Ideas - Valentine

Okay here it is, the all time high of a relationship with a man, VALENTINE'S DAY! We all know that it's a miracle if he remembers when he's at home much less remembering Valentine's Day when he's on float or on deployment. Therefore we suggest treating him to a fun Valentine's Day AS WELL AS Yourself!

This is the day of love! And who better to love you, than you?

First, let's get his care package taken care of!

I suggest a mix of the following items:
  • Box of Conversation Hearts (good for all climates)
  • Cute pair of boxer shorts
  • Long letter on pretty stationary scented with your perfume
  • An artificial rose (if you are so inclined)
  • A lingerie clad teddy bear! (these are great and can be found at:
  • Some sexy panties of yours that you are sending just to keep him in the mood!
  • New pictures of you for his wallet or his locker
  • Favorite cookies/brownies
  • Rice Crispy Treats (they travel VERY well)
  • $10 prepaid phone card for a quick call home and a note saying when you'll be home to accept the call
Now, for the most important thing, YOU!

We suggest the following:

  • Long hot bubble bath (go to a local store and splurge by spending $5 on a nice, milk or oil based bubble bath or bath beads)
  • Cruise the mall or internet for a pretty new pair of undies/bra. Or how about some sexy lingerie (for when he comes home of course)
  • Treat yourself to your favorite ice cream or dessert
  • Rent a movie you have been dieing to see but never take the time to watch
  • Fresh bouquet of flowers
Another fun suggestion: get together with fellow wives or girlfriends and go for a night on the town! You all can get together, get dressed up, make a reservation at a nice restaurant and then head to a movie. Spending time with other will help you get through the day.