Ideas - Spring

Ideas - Spring

1. Take your kids, family members, friends and pets outside and take some fun pictures! Now that the weather is cooperating with us we can enjoy some time outside. If you have time, take a pic nic to your favorite spot, set up the cam corder nearby and let the tape roll! You'll be able to film a pic nic and send the tape to your loved one so that he/she can enjoy the event with you. Don't forget to have everyone take a few moments to give a personal video taped message to your loved one.

2. Send a little bit of spring. You and/or your family can take a walk and collect some of the "Signs" of spring. Take a few flower petals, new sprouts of grass, new leaves, blossoms and make a collage for your loved one. No matter where he/she is stationed, they'll love the touch of home.

3. Seeds of Love: Send your loved one an envelope full of heart shaped candy (cinnamon candies, message hearts, sweet tarts) and decorate the outside of the envelope with cute drawings and the words "Seeds of Love". Let them know that you are with them and that your love continues to grow no matter where they are.

Remember! Now that the weather is warming up, check in with your loved one to make sure that it's still a good season to mail chocolate and caramel items. With loved ones in Bosnia and Kosovo, the weather will start to warm up extremely fast. And if you are mailing chocolate or caramels, they will arrive in one big gooey mess.

For specialty candies such as heart shaped candy, try shopping at a local candy store or novelty shop where you can purchase candy in bulk or by the 1/4 pound.