Ideas - Birthday

Ideas - Birthday

We all enjoy our birthday very much because it is a special day of celebration that belongs only to us. However, can you imagine celebrating your birthday being away from friends and family? Here are some tips to help make your loved one's birthday special even though he/she is away from home.

Take a trip to your local grocery store that has an in-house bakery dept. Most bakery dept's now sell individual cakes that are sealed in small plastic containers. Purchase one of those to include in your birthday celebration package.

Do you want to mail a cake? If you do, try to send angel food cake or bunt cakes without frosting. During shipping the frosting will sweat and mold the cake as well as make for a sticky mess once it arrives. Angel Food cake is THE BEST cake to ship!

Is your loved one turning the big 40? Pack up the balloons, party hats, kazoos, party favors, candy, popcorn, kool aid mix and gag gifts and have them shipped to your loved one's buddy for a surprise party! This takes planning, so make sure you contact his/her buddy 2 months in advance and ask for their help in making it a special day. The buddy can accept the package, decorate the office, barracks or tent and invite all his/her special buddies to participate in the celebration. Don't forget to include those embarrassing childhood photos! Scan them on your computer and blow them up to full size paper. Send them along for wall decorations!

Hand made cards are a favorite. Have the kids use construction paper, leaves, flower petals, crayons and paint to make a special card for mommy or daddy.

Just remember that they will want to think of you on their birthday since they are so far away from home. So have a pre-birthday party, video tape it and mail it to them to show that you have remembered their birthday as well.