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Welcome Home...
For those that just arrived, Welcome home! For those that have been here before welcome back. We are your hosts, BJ 'n Cindy. We own and operate this site as well as the sister sites.

As a retired Marine couple, we know just how new and puzzling, and sometimes how lonely or difficult it can be to find what you need. That is why we created this network and filled it with all kinds of resources to help you find whatever you may need... and to find one another.

So once again Welcome Home...


Notable Sites on the Web

Every once in awhile we get notified about unique (and fascinating) websites that catch our eye and cause our minds to envision possibilities for the military family. We will attempt to post these type sites here. We also offer a Link section for other sites and the majority of our links will be found there.

This site (TinCan.com) is one such website. The interest of the site is that Mom or Dad can actually hear their child read or in the reverse read a bedtime story to their child without waiting days for the mail, or paying an arm and leg. Yes, TinCan.com offers many FREE books and cards that be used.

The site helps families and friends stay in touch by telling tales, singing songs or just saying hello. Users choose a storybook or greeting card, record their voice online to accompany it, and send it off to someone they care about as an e-mail message. There is no special software, and no downloads. It's Simple, Personal, Immediate and Free.

This is a new refreshing way to keep in touch with the ones we love no matter where they are. For example, children can read in a book or card from the Tincan site and email it to Dad, whether he is overseas or just around the corner. Or Mom / Dad can do the same and email a book to their child. It's a great new site were the possibilities of spreading joy through reading and laughing abound.

We hope you get a chance to visit this web site (To see an example of TinCan book capabilities follow this link: http://www.tincan.com/ip.jsp?sid=1147893385165&sender=This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (or copy and paste the link into your browser)

United Through Reading program (www.read2kids.org)

Similar to Tin Can but with a distinct advantage, UTR allows military children to actually see their dads reading a book via DVD or video tape. My children loved to see the package Daddy had sent from the desert and would run to the t.v. hugging it as if he were right there in front of them.

UTR is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping military families connected through books. It can also be found on the America Supports You website.