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Welcome Home...
For those that just arrived, Welcome home! For those that have been here before welcome back. We are your hosts, BJ 'n Cindy. We own and operate this site as well as the sister sites.

As a retired Marine couple, we know just how new and puzzling, and sometimes how lonely or difficult it can be to find what you need. That is why we created this network and filled it with all kinds of resources to help you find whatever you may need... and to find one another.

So once again Welcome Home...



Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'

Protocol Project Officer: ____________________ Ext.____________________
DCS Project Officer:____________________ Ext.____________________
Alternate DCS POC: ____________________ Ext.____________________
Date of Event____________________
Senior Ranking Host/Attendee____________________
 Type of involvement-senior attendee, chair, welcoming remarks etc.____________________
 Event on their calendar(s)____________________
      Final information package forwarded
(Determine if DCS OPR or Protocol initiates)
Event location identified/reserved: ____________________
Uniform for Function(s): ____________________
Agenda ____________________
Funds programmed/request letter filled out____________________
(Written request to SM&W funds manager not later than five work days prior to event. Request must be made before making purchases.)
Schedule Photographer____________________
Individual DV Visit
DV name(s) and title(s):
(Complete AETC Form 88 one per DV, O-7 and above)
If DV is foreign, coord w/ PA ____________________
  Will DV present a gift?____________________
  Gift for DV____________________
  Translator needed/coord
(If yes, build extra time into
the agenda.)
  Other members in party____________________
  Obtain biographies____________________
  Obtain cultural information
(sensitivities, etc.)
  Requirement for Honors?____________________
  Flags required? Obtain Foreign
flags from Public Affairs
Group/Conference Visit____________________
  Total expected attendance____________________
  Other DCS(s) involved/POCs____________________
  Audio-Visual requirements____________________
  Room diagram (Protocol)____________________
  Distinguished Visitors Attending
(Complete AETC Form 88
one per DV)




  Spouses attending____________________
  Security Clearances (as required)____________________
  On-base: Gen Barry greets all
general officers and equivalents
  Inform greeter of DV travel plans____________________
  ___________ wishes to greet all generals ____________________
  Off-base: Representative from
hosting office will greet
  Determine Escort
Officer requirements
  Assign escorts to DVs____________________
  Train escort officers____________________
  Block rooms with VOQ____________________
  Reserve DV Suites____________________
  Special Needs identified
(e.g. non-smoking, no stairs)
  Letter to VOQ w/specific
reservation information
Name/SSAN/Duty Station
  Welcome Baskets/Letters____________________
  Need identified____________________
  Placed in room(s)____________________
  Obtain DV travel information____________________
  Arrange U-Drives for DVs____________________
  Arrange car/driver support____________________
  Arrange bus support for conferences
(As needed)
  Reserve DV parking spaces____________________
  Provide Letter of Request for
detailed support requirements
  Maps of AFB and surrounding
area provided (For POV travel)
  Detailed agenda showing events,
breaks, socials, and movement (if any):
  Breaks - menu if serving
food and/or drinks
  Lunch - ____________________
  Honor Guard needed?____________________
  Music/contact Band____________________
  Flags needed?____________________
  Honor Guard needed?____________________
  Music/contact Band____________________
  Flags needed?____________________
  Seating (for each applicable function):____________________
  Seating Chart designed____________________
  Placecards made____________________
  You Are Seated At Cards made  
  Access for conference attendees____________________
  List of Non-Gov't attendees needing
access to Law Enforcement Superintendent
  Invitations and Programs____________________
  Assist with design of invitation
(Large numbers of invitations must be done by Printing.)
  Prepare programs
(OPR does camera ready draft)
  Event Books
(For Foreign visits, if visitor has significant business/meeting agenda, IA will prepare book. Protocol provides social info only, e.g., seating, menus, gift exchange, etc.)
  Protocol responsibilities covers,
seating charts, transportation, billeting socials and agenda
  OPR responsibilities
slides, tabs bindings, copies, and people to assemble
  Payment for refreshments/socials/dinners____________________
  Individual responsible____________________
  Club Card (name and card #)____________________
  OPR sources____________________
  SMW funds____________________
  Contingency Funds ____________________
  Prepare payment envelopes
(as applicable)
  Check comfort of conference room
(temperature, seats, visibility of slides, etc.)
  Order flower arrangements (florist)
(Florist Phone - ____________ )
 Lessons Learned. Identify and record what went well, and analyze areas needing improvement. Focus on the process.
 Letters of Appreciation: Identify those people who contributed to the success of the event. Concentrate on those who went "above and beyond" normal job requirements. Obtain rank, name, office. Prepare draft letters for CV or CC signature as appropriate, preferably within 1 week of the event.