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Other Planning Factors

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'

Other Planning Factors.

When you are given a social to work, there are obviously many things you need to plan for, but the most important of them all is getting with the host or hostess and finding out exactly what then want -- and this should be accomplished as soon as possible after you receive your tasking. You need to definitely include the following questions:
  • What day/date/time
  • What type of function
  • Where
  • Composition of guest list
  • Menu
  • Entertainment
If your social function is connected with a DV visit, certain guests qualify for appropriated funds, and you'll need to have some of the following information from the sponsoring organization:
  • How many DVs in the group?
  • How many support personnel (that you'll need to make meal arrangements for)?
  • Is the sponsoring organization paying?
  • If so, will they pay for your extra guests?
  • Any food restrictions?
(Keep in mind, if there is a paying agent ("bag" person), they need you to provide them the same information that we require to process payment of bills -- i.e., ratios of DoD and non-DoD personnel, who attended, etc.) Most of them will provide you with a blank receipt form to fill out, but, if not, have the information ready for them prior to their departure.

If there is a ladies' tour involved (in the case of a foreign DV) and they are paying for the meals, make prior arrangements to get your protocol escort officer the money required for the meals while out touring as soon as the "bag" person deplanes.

When your DVs are DoD and do not qualify for appropriated funds, they will have to pay for their own meals. In that case you'll need to make sure the money is collected from them in advance so you can arrange for one bill (that is NOT PRESENTED AT THE TABLE). For local hosts, you need to get club card numbers. Your advance planning will need to include selecting a set menu and getting the price including gratuity and any extras.

A very important step is the coordination with the club or restaurant. You first of all have to make sure they have the rooms available and get them reserved -- if you are having cocktails first in a separate room, make sure to mention that. If there's a receiving line, they need to know. Get some recommended menus. If there' going to be entertainment, let the club know. Let them know what the payment arrangements are: if there's a "bag" person, indicate that; otherwise, let them know to bill your protocol appropriated account or that the function will be "pay that day".

Be sure you get in your requests for entertainment, photographer, and flag set-up (yes, the flag set-up is a protocol tasking; but if there are other visits/functions at the same time, you may need to "prioritize"). Let Public Affairs know if there is any publicity required.

If you're having special guest, make arrangements for reserved parking out in front of the club/restaurant and plan to have door openers for the car doors and the front doors of the club. And don't forget to arrange for a coat-check during the winter months.

Be ready to brief your host and hostess on anything unique they need to know about their guests if this is the first time they have met or something has just occurred the host/hostess may not be aware of (i.e., a promotion, a new grandchild). And remember, your host and hostess are so busy and meet so many people they may need a "gentle reminder" of first names and specific places the guests have seen that day, or where they are from originally. Also, any "taboos" -- these particular guests do not drink alcoholic beverages; so don't offer a cocktail, etc