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Flag Ordering

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'


NOTE: Turn around time varies from 2-8 weeks depending on quantity in stock and whether or not the recipient requests that the flag be flown on a certain date. So, as soon as you know that you might need a flag, decide what location can give you the best turn around and order it. Also, for your information, the nylon flags last longer for outdoor use.

Attached is an Order Form (MS Word 6.0) for your convenience. Please attach a cover letter addressed to the Representative.


Who will sign the certificate stating that the flag was flown over the capital.

When time permits, find out what city and state the recipient is from. This will enable you to get a flag certified from the state representative of choice. Democratic? Republican? If the Representative does not matter, you can secure a flag from the state Representative near the military installation.

FOR THE NEAREST Senate or Representative

Select by name to reference their office information.

NOTE: Locally, any one Representative's district office keeps a stock on hand. Suggest calling the office to find out if the stock is available and to get the account number to which to make the check payable. Then, please check to make sure you have the latest price quotes. The cost typically covers, as a minimum, the flag, franking, and postage.