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For those that just arrived, Welcome home! For those that have been here before welcome back. We are your hosts, BJ 'n Cindy. We own and operate this site as well as the sister sites.

As a retired Marine couple, we know just how new and puzzling, and sometimes how lonely or difficult it can be to find what you need. That is why we created this network and filled it with all kinds of resources to help you find whatever you may need... and to find one another.

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Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'


  • A military member or civilian employee may endorse, support, and participate in fundraising activities of a non-federal entity in an official capacity only if authorized to do so by statute, Executive Order, regulation, or otherwise as determined by the agency
    • EXAMPLES OF ENTITIES AUTHORIZED OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENT: Combined Federal Campaign, emergency and disaster appeals approved by the OPM, Air Force Assistance Fund, and its components (e.g., Air Force Village, Air Force Aid Society, and Gen Curtis E. LeMay Foundation)
    • The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) expressly prohibits military members from officially endorsing or officially participating in fundraising or membership drives of other non-federal entities, such as the Air Force Association or Air Force Sergeants Association.
  • Military members may participate in fundraising in an official capacity for other organizations composed primarily of DoD employees, military members, or their dependents when they are fundraising among their own members for the benefit of welfare funds for their own members and when their activities have been approved by the head of the DoD Component command or organization
    • EXAMPLE: If a member's child needed special medical treatment that is not totally covered by the military, that member's unit may raise funds, such as through a bake sale on base, to help pay for the child's medical bills. That organization's commander must first approve the fundraising events
  • The JER restrictions on support of non-federal entities do not affect certain organizations which: (1) have a special relationship with the DoD or its employees; and, (2) which are specifically recognized by law or other directives, e.g., AFAF, USO, certain labor organizations, American National Red Cross, Civil Air Patrol
    • EXAMPLE: Private organizations which are properly authorized to operate on an installation IAW AFI 34-223 fall under this special JER exception. Organizations such as the Officers' Wives Club and the Top 3 Club may conduct fundraising and membership drives on base which might not otherwise be allowed, but they must do so IAW the restrictions in the DoDI and AFI which govern private organizations.
  • Purely personal, unofficial, volunteer efforts to support fundraising are not prohibited where the efforts do not imply official endorsement and the member acts entirely outside the scope of his official position.
    • The head of a DoD organization (includes installation commander) may authorize such fundraising activities outside the workplace in such places as public entrances, community support facilities, and personal quarters