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For those that just arrived, Welcome home! For those that have been here before welcome back. We are your hosts, BJ 'n Cindy. We own and operate this site as well as the sister sites.

As a retired Marine couple, we know just how new and puzzling, and sometimes how lonely or difficult it can be to find what you need. That is why we created this network and filled it with all kinds of resources to help you find whatever you may need... and to find one another.

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Memorial Observances

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'.

If support is for
then appropriated (Contingency) funds under AFI 65-603 are
and appropriated funds under AFI 65-601V1 are
and nonappropriated SM&W expenditures are
for patriotic, national, and local observances that uphold traditions of the Service and the United States (such as Veteran's Day or Memorial Day):
50flowers and wreaths not authorized authorized authorized.  
51light refreshments, as defined in paragraph 12.4 at memorial observances    not authorized  not authorized.  
52any other expense       
upon the death of a military member or civilian employee of that organization; member of their immediate family; or distinguished leader of the local community with strong ties to the base:
53flowers or wreaths not authorized not authorized authorized.  
54donations to charitable organizations in lieu of flowers when requested by the bereaved     authorized (nominal).  
55any other expense     not authorized. 
for memorialization (naming a street, building, etc.), see AFI 36-3108:
56travel of next of kin, relatives, friends, etc. not authorized not authorized not authorized.  
57plaque or permanent marker identifying the person being memorialized   authorized   
58costs associated with the actual ceremony (military band, invitations, programs, etc.)       
59reception for guest(s) of honor, other relatives or person being memorialized, and special guests authorized at receptions only not authorized   
60flowers or corsage/boutonniere for guest(s) of honor       
61album with photographs and narrative about the ceremony for guest(s) of honor       
62all other expenses not authorized     
for ethnic and holiday observances:
63activities designed to recognize the contributions that minorities and women have made to society (scholarly lectures, ethnic historical exhibits, art exhibits, displays, musical groups, etc.) not authorized authorized not authorized.  
64live artistic performance when part of a formal program designed to make the audience aware of cultural or ethnic history being celebrated       
65honoraria or speaking fee       
66meals for non-Government guest speakers when away from home or regular place of business       
67small samples of ethnic foods prepared and served during a formal ethnic awareness program       
68holiday greeting cards or seasonal decorations for offices or personal use   not authorized   
69seasonal decorations, not of religious character, for use only where all members of the organization may benefit   authorized not authorized.