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Dining-out Sample Script

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'

Dining-out Sample Script
1830Arrive for cocktails.
1920Cocktails period ends. Mister/Madam Vice rings dinner chimes and members assemble in the dining room.
1930President: One rap of the gavel.
1931President: “Post the Colors.” Color Guards posts Colors (all remain standing). “Guests, Ladies, Gentlemen, the mess will come to order.”
1933President: “Chaplain, will you please deliver the invocation?”
1934Chaplain delivers invocation.
1935President: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I propose a toast to the Colors.” Response: “To the Colors.”
1936President: “I propose a toast to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second.” Response: “To Her Majesty.”

Ranking British Officer: “The President of the United States.” Response: “To the President.”

Mister/Madam Vice: “The Chief of Staff, United States Army.” Response: “To the Chief.”

Mister/Madam Vice: “The Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy.” Response: “To the Chief.”

Mister/Madam Vice: “The Commandant, United States Marine Corps.” Response: “To the Commandant.”

Senior Member of Sister Service: “The Chief of Staff, United States Air Force.” Response: “To the Chief.”
1946 President: “Members of the mess, you may seat your ladies.” (pause) “Members please be seated.”

“Honored Guests, Ladies, and Gentlemen, welcome to the wing dining-out. Before introducing our guests, I’d like to briefly mention the background of the dining-in that has evolved into the dining-out.”

“The custom of the dining-in is a very old tradition but is not exclusively military. It is believed that the dining-in began as a custom in the monasteries, was adopted by the early universities, and later spread to the military units when the open mess was established. Contact with the British Air Forces and British dining-in during World War II and the “Wing Dings” of General H. H. Arnold resulted in the practice of dining-in in our Air Force. It was recognized that those occasions provided situations where ceremony, tradition, and good fellowship enhanced the military unit and could make the difference between a good wing and an outstanding one. Our path to these intangibles is strewn with some time-honored tangibles: food, drink, and good company. Tonight we are expanding the tradition of the dining-in by including our spouses and recognizing the vast contributions that they make to our wing.”
1950“At this time, I would like to introduce the “good company” I mentioned and our guests for this evening, those seated at the head table.” Introduction of head table.

President: Introduces the guests.
1959President: “Mister or Madam Vice, do you have a toast for our guests?

Mister/Madam Vice: “To Our Honored Guests.”
2000 President: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are honored by your presence here tonight. Now let us proceed with dinner.” (After dinner, light smoking lamp.)
2045President: “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take a 10-minute break.”

Mister/Madam Vice: “Mister/Madame President, I would like to propose a Break Toast.”

President: “Go ahead, Mister/Madam Vice.”

Mister/Madam Vice: “Break time is here, we’ve had booze with some fizz
So go where you need to go and go take a ...break
The Prez meant what was said and said what was meant
You have only 10 minutes; make sure it’s well spent
You sit listening to vice, where’s it getcha
Nine-and-a-half minutes ‘till gong, I’ll betcha...”
2055President: “Ladies and Gentlemen, we now come to the high point of the evening, I’m sure that all of you have read General Blanks biographical sketch. We are indeed fortunate to have such a distinguished officer. His military career is diverse and impressive. He first served in the US Army infantry in World War II, then graduated from West Point with a commission in the Air Force. He attended pilot training at Randolph AFB, Texas, and Williams AFB, Arizona. From there he was a fighter pilot serving in Germany, Korea, Arizona, and New York, followed by a 4-year tour in the Pentagon. He received his MS degree from George Washington University and was assigned to Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii. Then to more fighter assignments in Florida, Vietnam, Nevada, culminating with his command of the F-105 (Thud) wing at McConnell AFB, Kansas. A man familiar with Colorado Springs, he then served 3 years at Ent Air Force Base. From there he moved to Maxwell AFB to an Air War College assignment. His decorations and awards include the Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit with one oak leaf cluster, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal with eight oak leaf clusters, Air Force Commendation Medal, and Combat Readiness Medal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present our distinguished guest and tonight’s speaker, Lieutenant General Blank.”
2100Guest speaker - Speech.
2125President: “General Blank, we certainly appreciate your timely and interesting remarks on a subject in which we are vitally concerned. I thank you on behalf of all the officers for making this dining-out an evening well worth remembering. We would like to present you with this painting of the Official Mascot of our wing -- the flying pig -- as a token of our appreciation.”
2127President: “Mister/Madam Vice, do you have a toast for our speaker?”

Mister/Madam Vice: “General, let me say we enjoyed your speech. To not say we had would be quite a breach. Amazin’ a fighter pilot sat still for an hour outside with no sock-droppin’ power. Drink a toast to our distinguished speaker, and if it’s okay, I’ll speak for the ladies and men, Thank you, Sir. Do please come again. “To our distinguished speaker!”
2129Color Guard cases Colors.
2132President adjourns mess. “Ladies - Gentlemen, this mess is adjourned. Please come back at 2150 for fine music and dancing.”