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Entertainment of Foreign DVs

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'

Entertainment of Foreign Distinguished Visitors.

Tour funding for foreign dignitaries is usually the responsibility of HQ USAF acting through its escort officer. These funds are provided on an austere basis consistent with the rank of the visitor; the prestige of the Air Force, and the objective of the tour program. Since each installation must stay within allotted funds, the following suggestions taken from escort officers' reports and from foreign visitors may be useful:
  • Escort officers, on the basis of visitor's reactions, discourage the use of the cocktail party as a means of entertainment. They recommend small dinner parties with an equal number of staff officers and wives in attendance.
  • Foreign visitors prefer small, intimate gatherings rather than large, completely masculine groups composed of members of the staff and subordinate organizations.
  • Foreign visitors are particularly impressed by the home life of American people. They have shown great appreciation when invited into the home of a commander for entertainment.
  • Foreign visitors enjoy joining base functions which have not been planned particularly for them, e.g., picnics and barbecues where sport clothing may be worn.
  • For weekend schedules, the foreign visitors should be allowed some time for shopping and an opportunity to visit local points of economic, historical, and scenic interest such as ranches, farms, museums, and parks. (As a general rule, always anticipate a visit to your installation's exchange, even if it is not on the itinerary. Coordinate beforehand with the exchange manager as part of your contingency planning.)
With respect to entertainment funds, the local escort officer should meet all expenses within the limit established in the tour letter. The cost of quarters and rations are not included in these funds and are paid separately by the HQ USAF escort officer. He or she should be given complete itemized bills in sufficient time to enable him/her to pay prior to departure. The HQ USAF escort officer must also be provided with guest lists for every function arranged for the visitor.