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Things to Consider in a Hotel

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'

Things to Consider in a Hotel

When trying to find a hotel, ask yourself, what are you looking for in a hotel? These are probably the same qualities the DV is looking for too. You should ask hotel management the following questions before deciding which one to choose:

  1. Do they offer military or government employees the per diem rate?
  2. Will they offer, at no additional charge, an upgraded room for your highest ranking DV?
  3. Will they place flowers or a fruit basket in your DV's room at no additional charge?
  4. How many guest rooms does the hotel have?
  5. What are their check-in and check-out times?
  6. Do they offer baggage handling? If so, what is the cost?
  7. Is it handicap accessible?
  8. Are there restaurants on the premises? If yes, how many are available and what are their hours of operation? What type of food do they serve? If not, are there restaurants near by?
  9. Do they offer a continental breakfast in the morning or happy hour in the evening?
  10. Can they cater a function on the premises and in a private room? If yes, how many people can they cater? Will they provide room decorations?
  11. What type of security does the hotel provide for its clients?
  12. Does the hotel have a sprinkler system installed or a fire escape in case of fire or emergency?
  13. Are there conference rooms available? If so, how many do they have? How many people will comfortably fit in each room?
  14. Do they have audio-visual equipment on the premises?
  15. What type of laundry facility is available?
  16. Does the hotel have a health club? Does it have a pool or sauna?
  17. Do they offer shuttle service to and from the airport?
  18. If you are a guest at the hotel, do they offer free parking for you?
There may come a time when all installation facilities and contract quarters are occupied. In this case, you should ask the billeting office to issue you a statement of non-availability for government quarters. Non-availability statements are covered in AFI 34-246 and AFMAN 34-247.