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For those that just arrived, Welcome home! For those that have been here before welcome back. We are your hosts, BJ 'n Cindy. We own and operate this site as well as the sister sites.

As a retired Marine couple, we know just how new and puzzling, and sometimes how lonely or difficult it can be to find what you need. That is why we created this network and filled it with all kinds of resources to help you find whatever you may need... and to find one another.

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Ceremony Checklist

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels

Protocol Project Officer: ____________________ Ext. ____________________
DCS Project Officer: ____________________ Ext. ____________________
Alternate DCS POC: ____________________ Ext. ____________________
Individual being honored ____________________
Date of Event ____________________
Senior Ranking Host ____________________
Event on calendar of CC/CV   ____________________
Final information book forwarded   ____________________
Event location identified/reserved: ____________________
Conference Scheduling ext ______
  ______ Theater
Officers' Club ext ______
  ______ Room __________________
  ______ Room __________________
             ______ Room __________________
Other Location: ____________________
Dinner/Social Function/Reception included: ____________________
What type of function desired
(Dinners, Icebreaker, Supporting conference(s), Pre-ceremony coffee, Post-ceremony reception(s), Receiving line)
  Type of function: ____________________
    Location: ____________________
    Payment method: ____________________
Uniform Requirements: ____________________
Request Letter filed/Funds programmed: ____________________
Put notice on E-Mail net: ____________________
Briefing Package for Officiating General: ____________________
Physical needs:
____   Podium
____   Award table
____   Presentation Board
____   Number of seats
____   Flags - US, AF, Command, GO (Protocol can supply for GO)
____   Room diagram (provide to Protocol)
____   Reception materials (e.g. table cloth, skirts, punch bowl, etc.)
____   Oath Card
____   Taped music in _______________ at EXT. _______
____   Air Force Band at EXT. _______
(Submit DD Form 2536)
  Honor Guard:
____   Can be reached at _______
  Narrator: ____________________
  Aide: ____________________
  Photographer: ____________________
(can be reached at _______ )
  Reserve Parking Signs: ____________________
(can be checked out at Protocol)
  Escorts for Family members and DVs: ____________________
  Billeting for Family members and DVs: ____________________
  Transportation for Family members and DVs ____________________
Invitations and programs:
OPR does rough drafts for Graphics   ____________________
(Protocol has examples)
To Graphics for keyline or art work:   ____________________
(ext __________)
DAPS for copying x- _________   ____________________
NOTE: Have Protocol "proof" invitation/program before it goes to graphics and the print plant. The more eyes that see it the better.
  Script information and sequence of events
(Provide copy to Protocol)
Name of Spouse:   ____________________
Names/ages of Children   ____________________
Names of Family members/Guests/DVs   ____________________
Copy of Decoration/Award Citation:   ____________________
Copy of Promotion Order   ____________________
Copy of Retirement Order   ____________________
Retirement of Flag (GOs only):   ____________________
  Provide copy of ceremony script to:
Scheduling/ Presentations:   ____________________
Officiating officer:   ____________________
    _____   Include Bio
    _____   5x8 card listing contributions to unit.
Narrator:   ____________________
Aide:   ____________________
Retiree:   ____________________
Medal/Award and Citation:   ____________________
Retirement Certificates (Retiree and Spouse):   ____________________
Presentation Flowers:   ____________________
Other presentations:   ____________________
  Seating Diagram/Placecards:
(See Protocol for assistance)
Turn in receipts after ceremony is complete:   ____________________
  Receiving Line:
Location/time:   ____________________
Names of people in line:   ____________________
Refreshments:   ____________________
  Coord Protocol support          _____
  If in club coord support thru catering   _____
  Order Cake, Protocol, ext __________   _____
  Dinner/Social Function:
Location:   ____________________
Invitations:   ____________________
Programs and Place Cards:   ____________________
Payment Method:   ____________________
_______ Check with retiree for any last minute changes to guest list, etc.
  _______ Brief officiating officer
  _______ Confirm family escort(s)
  _______ Check Sound System
  _______ Confirm Photographer
  _______ Confirm Color Guard
  _______ Awards and plaques in place
  _______ Ensure Programs are available
  _______ Confirm seats in place; reserved seating done
  _______ Presentation rose(s) for spouse in place
  _______ Confirm cue to narrator when official party enters
  _______ Brief honoree and family
  _______ Oath Card present


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