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Contingency Funds

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'


Contingency funds are used for entertainment of foreign dignitaries, civic leaders, distinguished civilians, US Fed, State, County and Local leaders, and some DOD personnel (depending on title). This money must be programmed by letter to accounting and finance in advance of each event, so information about the event is needed from the project officer as soon as possible. This letter is prepared by the funds manager and signed by the Chief or Deputy Chief of Protocol. It must contain a list of invitees (with titles) showing proper ratio of civilians to DoD. After each event, the project officer must submit a revised attendees list to the funds manager. This list must be submitted with the paperwork for payments. Information on who may be entertained and the proper ratios, etc., can be found in AFI 65-603. Any project that involves contingency funds must go through the funds manager.

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