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SM&W Funding

Air Force Protocol
from 'Til Wheels are Up'


Listed below are some of the events that we are allowed to fund out of SM&W money. Funds request forms need to be submitted to the funds manager for review and approval prior to each event. After the event, original receipts must be turned into the funds manager for reimbursement.
  • Retirements - $75 for *light refreshments and flowers--multiple retirements add $50 for each retiree ($20 of this money can be used for a memento that costs $20 or less only) (no personal gifts, cards, decorations or gift certificates)
  • Promotions - $30 for *light refreshments and rank insignia (no cards, decorations, flowers, or mementos)
  • Conferences/Meetings - No reimbursement allowed for refreshments (hospitality fee must be collected from attendees--cannot call it a conference fee) NOTE: Conference mementos are not allowed unless purchased with money collected from attendees
  • Award Ceremonies - Meals for Award Recipients & Spouses not to exceed $30 each. (Must be a base-wide competitive award program like NCO/Officer of the Quarter.)
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies - $100 or $2.50 per person, whichever is greater, for *light refreshments
  • Memorial Observances - $50 maximum, including delivery fee, for flowers or contribution to organizations such as Heart Association, etc., for active duty/immediate family only (cannot give money to personal memorial funds)
  • Welcoming Orientations - $100 or $2 per person, whichever is greater, for *light refreshments
  • Commanders' Calls - $2 per member (military and civilian) for *light refreshments, soft drinks and beer. (NOTE: this is the only occasion where alcohol is authorized)
  • Hosting of Visiting Gov/Nongov Personnel - $100 or $2.50 per person, whichever is greater, for *light refreshments and $20 memento (personnel must have been invited by commander)
  • Change of Command Ceremonies - $1,500 for Commanders, $500 for Wing/Group/Squadron Commanders (*light refreshments, flowers or corsage for spouse)
  • Services Facility Charge - $100 (covers set up fees at Services Facilities such as the O'Club Ballroom etc. for official functions such as conferences, retirements and promotions only--cannot be used for farewells, dinners) see Appropriated Funding:
* NOTE: Light refreshments cannot include meat, poultry, fish, or cheese filled items. Light refreshments are things such as coffee, tea, drinks, punch, cake, cookies, chips and dips, vegetable trays, fruit trays, cheese and crackers, etc. Paper products purchased to serve the refreshments can be reimbursed.

Questions on events not listed on this sheet should be referred to the funds manager (856-4906).

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